Skin Renewal Process

VITAMIN C FACIAL          $55
This facial is perfect for the de-hydrated or sun-damaged skin. The skin will glow after re-hydrating the dry areas using an antioxidant Collagen Fiber Mask or a Vitamin C modelege. (One hour)

This anti-wrinkle, anti-aging facial involves the use of a glycolic-oxygen combination OR blends of AHA's, BHA's and stabilized Vitamin C. (One & 1/4 Hours)

PHYSICIAN'S CHOICE          $60-85
Sensi Peel; Pumpkin Peel; Oxygenating Facial Trio; Esthetique Peel (One Hour)

MINI GREEN PEEL          $75
The purpose of this treatment is to stimulate regeneration and absorption capability. Quickly produces fresher, tighter feeling skin. Recommended for all ages. Home care items extra. (One Hour)

Designed to help alleviate bumps, irritations, and razor burn. A Steam Bath and Stress Relief Neck & Shoulder massage are also included during this session. (One and 1/4 Hour)

TEEN FACIAL          $35
Gentle corrective treatment to help control acne and oil. Personal instruction on skin cleansing techniques. (3/4 Hour) Recommended Ages: 12-15

BODY TREATMENTS          $60
Each treatment is designed to exfoliate, hydrate, and replenish the skin. Select one of the following to awaken your senses:
Avocado Honey; Brown Sugar Glo; Ginger Lime Twist; Vanilla Orange Swirl

Promotes collagen production, diminishes sun damage and age spots, and restores the natural cellular activity of the skin utilizing Light Therapy.

Facial Treatments -      $80-$95 per treatment
Your skin will be prepared with our unique blends of anti-aging creams and serums, specifically customized for your skin type. This facial treatment allows maximum penetration of Light Therapy. (One and 1/2 Hours)

Hand Treatments - Six Weekly Sessions           $100
Anti-Aging creams and serums will also maximize this revitalizing treatment for a younger-looking pair of hands. (1/4 Hour Each)