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Seminole Casting Future Stars

The next big star could come out of West Texas.  Hundreds of youngsters answered an open casting call in Seminole Saturday afternoon, for a leading role in an upcoming, Hollywood film.

Several kids came out to Seminole hoping to become the next big star, and while we can tell you a lot about the casting process, we can't tell you very much about the movie. That's because, even the casting crew doesn't know that much about it.

"I never thought I'd get the chance," Travis Teague from Lubbock said. 

Teague spoke with NewsChannel 11 after his interview with casting members from Francine Maisler Casting Agency.  He says they asked a lot of questions about what he likes to do, his interests, and hobbies.

"I'm nervous, yes," Devin Back from Lubbock said. 

"I did one play at my school," Kenten Lowrie from Keller said. 

Back and Lowrie were still waiting for their interviews when they spoke with NewsChannel 11.

"We've been going around to the smaller towns in Texas, looking for kids who've maybe had a less urban upbringing and have been raised out in some of these beautiful towns out here in west Texas," casting intern Alec Jhangiani said. 

Jhangiani says the interviews are like having a conversation with someone you've just met, making small talk and getting to know the boys' personalities.

The casting called for boys ages 10 to 14. Those auditioning will be considered for leading roles in a major Hollywood film, but nobody really knows what it's about, not even the casting crew.

"We're not privy to information on what the movie is about or why exactly they're looking for that type of kid," Jhangiani said. 

Those auditioning have their own ideas.

"Aliens," Back said. 

Everyone had plenty of time to think about it, too.

"I've just been waiting," Lowrie said. 

Whether tapping their toe...

"We're still waiting," Ethan Mullins from Meadow said. 

Fiddling with paper...

"It was quite a while, maybe 30 to 45 minutes," Teague said. 

Or playing a game...

"Two hours," Lowrie said. 

With so many people to interview, this wasn't a quick trip, but cast or not, these guys say the experience is worth it.

"I just wanted to have the experience and try it, and if it doesn't work, I'm okay with it," Teague said. 

What we can tell you about the movie is that it's expected to be filmed in Central Texas and producers do want a Texan to fill a major role.

We've also learned that the filmmakers have been nominated for Academy Awards and have produced several films that are Critically Acclaimed.

Crews have been casting across Texas since August 2006, but they say things are wrapping up now, and call backs should start soon. Jobs
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