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Task Force To Review City Street Renaming Policy

Lubbock's street renaming process is under review.  On Tuesday, a new task force will start their study of the city's current policy. When they finish, members will make recommendations for possible changes.

Right now there is a moratorium on any name changes. Council decided community members should look things over, after the debate to rename part of Canyon Lake Drive to Cesar E. Chavez Drive, last fall, but this group won't just be looking at streets. They'll also look at renaming buildings, parks, and other city infrastructure.

"Once we get going, we'll kind of know where we're headed with this committee," Lubbock Director of Public Works Marsha Reed said. 

Several new signs mark Lubbock streets, All Saints Way, Glenna Goodacre Boulevard, Mac Davis Lane, and Crickets Avenue just to name a few, and those will be it for now.

"There is currently a moratorium on any name changes to streets, until this committee has a chance to review the policies and procedures and gets back with council," Reed said. 

She tells NewsChannel 11 council appointed the committee last month.

"The council appointed a naming task force for streets and buildings and all of our infrastructure in, I believe it was finally announced in December as to who the members would be," Reed said. 

The group has 15 community members, each appointed to their position.

It came after concern from community members sparked debate over renaming Canyon Lake Drive after civil rights leader, Cesar E. Chavez.  Council approved renaming the north portion of the road in a 4-3 vote.

NewsChannel 11 went to that area Sunday afternoon.  As of then, signs had not been changed to Cesar E. Chavez Drive.

Council gave the task force 90-days to make recommendations, but with delays, and the holidays, members have yet to meet.

"Really, next week is about as early as we could get going, and we will probably be a little delayed getting back to the council," Reed said. 

Until their work is done, Lubbock's street will keep their current names.

"It's probably going to be sometime in March or April before we get back to the council, at least that would be my hope," Reed said. 

The task force's first meeting will be this Tuesday. It's scheduled for 2 p.m. at Lubbock City Hall. Community members can attend these meetings.

Reed says the group is only tasked with making recommendations, so once that's finished, the group will disband.    


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