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State Releases Report On Mold Inside Local Elementary School

Plans are underway to completely repair mold infested classrooms that may be the cause of children going home sick. Two months ago, our investigation discovered high levels of toxic mold growing inside one area elementary school, and now state health inspectors have gotten involved.

We know while Lorenzo Elementary students were away during the Christmas break, Superintendent Dick VanHoose had workers removing the mold from at least one classroom.   The state's report acknowledges the school had a mold problem and says the school is doing everything right to get rid of it.

Back in September, a parent called asking for our help.  She claimed the school was ignoring her concerns and wasn't being told the truth about the mold.  Swabs taken from inside the school were tested in a laboratory. The results showed high levels of toxic mold.  The kind of mold that can make children sick.

VanHoose says the next step is to restructure the classrooms that sit 3/4 underground. Standing water from the outside of the building would seep into the walls which caused the mold to grow.

The state says their involvement is not an investigation into the school, but simply providing them the help they need to fix the mold problems.

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