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April's Recall Round-Up

Check the following list to see if you own any of this month's recalled products.

Household Products

Air Fresheners: SC Johnson is voluntarily recalling about 2.5 million Glade Extra Outlet Scented Oil Air Fresheners. These Extra Outlet PlugIns may have been misassembled during manufacture, which could pose a risk of fire.

The Glader Extra Outlet Scented Oil electric air fresheners come in two fragrances, Sky BreezeT and Mystical GardenT. The rotating outlet says "15 Amps Max" on the front and has a yellow disk on the back. The Extra Outlet Scented Oil units have a model number "SCJ079" on the back. No other products, sold under the Glader PlugInsr brand names, are part of the recall.

Grocery and retail stores nationwide sold the air fresheners between January 2002 and April 2002 for between $4 and $5. Consumers should immediately unplug the air fresheners and contact SC Johnson at 1-800-571-0920 for free, full value replacement coupons or a refund. You can also ( click here ) for more information.

Energy Savers: Coast Energy Management Inc. is voluntarily recalling about 45,000 Energy Smart Power Planners. The Power Planner is a device connected between motorized appliances and wall outlets that is intended to save electricity. These Power Planners have reversed polarity, posing a shock hazard to consumers.

The recalled Power Planners are white plastic, about 5-inches in height, and have the words "Energy Smart" printed across the front in green writing. They have a 10-amp rating and the model numbers SP010-N or SP010-NV. The model numbers are printed on a green and silver label attached to the left side of the device. The device has a three-prong plug built into the back and a three-prong receptacle on one side. A green light at the bottom of the unit flashes when the product is first plugged in and then lights steadily, indicating proper operation. The recall includes Power Planners with lot numbers 6/2-01, 10/2-01, 25/2- 01, 28/5-01, 20/6-01 and units without a lot number. The lot number is printed on a label affixed to the back of the device.

Home Depot, Costco, and Orchard Supply Hardware stores sold these Power Planners from September 2000 through April 2002 for between $40 and $45. Consumers should unplug these devices immediately and contact Coast Energy Management at 1-800-808-8897 to receive a replacement and a free gift. You can also visit the firm's website by ( clicking here).

Dishwashers: General Electric Appliances Co. is voluntarily offering a free repair option in the form of a rewiring for its recalled GE and Hotpoint dishwashers. With the free rewire option, a GE-authorized technician will rewire the slide switch at no cost to consumers. This supplements the original rebate program which the company offered.

The dishwashers have a slide switch that can melt and ignite, presenting a fire hazard. Call GE at 1-800-599-2929.

Whirlpool (Kenmore) dishwashers that present a fire hazard. Whirlpool Corporation is providing free repair for Whirlpool and Kenmore brand dishwashers. Whirlpool sold 500,000 of the recalled dishwashers from June 1991 through October 1992. Wiring in the door latch may overheat and catch fire. Owners of both brands should call 1-800-874-9481 for the free repair.

Water Coolers: Crystal Mountain Water Cooler Corp. is voluntarily recalling about 12,000 hot and cold water coolers. The hot & cold water dispenser's heater band can short circuit, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

The Hot & Cold Water Dispenser is an upright water dispenser, with two faucets. One faucet has a red lever and one faucet has a blue lever. The unit stands at 35 5/8 inches-high (98.1 cm2), weighs 36.43 pounds (16.56 kgs) and has a base area of 120.5 square inches (777.41 cm2).

To determine if the water dispenser is subject to this recall, the serial number plate is located on the back at the top of the water dispenser. Only water coolers with serial numbers between 1199125 and 1100175 are included in the recall. The third and fourth digits of the serial number represent the year of production. Crystal Mountain and its distributors sold these water coolers in the U.S. and Canada from May 1999 through July 2000 for about $300.

Consumers should turn off the hot tank power switch or simply unplug the units and contact Crystal Mountain at (866) 678-4886 to receive repair information.

Electric Heaters: Lakewood Engineering & Manufacturing Co. is voluntarily recalling 107,000 electric heaters. The electrical connections inside of the heater can become loose, causing the heater's metal frame to become energized. This poses a serious electric shock hazard to consumers.

The recalled electric heaters have model numbers 797 or 797 DFT, which is stamped on the back of the unit. The Model 797, which is painted white, and the Model 797 DFT, which is painted gray, have a control panel with temperature and wattage selections. The rounded, metal units also have the word, "Lakewood" printed on the control panel. Retailers nationwide, including Wal-Mart and Kmart, sold the heaters between October 2000 and February 2002 for about $30.

Consumers should immediately stop using these heaters, unplug them, and contact Lakewood at 1-888-858-3506 or ( click here ) to receive a free repair or replacement.

Sports Equipment

Basketball Hoops: Lifetime Products is recalling 1.7 million portable basketball hoops and 16,000 Escalade Sports basketball hoops. The hoops may have a sharp protruding bolt on the players' side of the pole that can cause serious leg or body lacerations.

All Lifetime portable basketball system models, except the "Quick Court" are included in the recall. The Escalade Sports basketball hoop models included in the recall are the Harvard, The Big Easy, B3100, B3301, B3302, B3303, B3304, B3305, B3306, B3403, B3500, Spalding, The Big Easy B3402, and Apex B9995, Mini Court, Alley Court.

These portable basketball hoops come unassembled with a flat plastic base that is weighted down by either sand or water that is added during assembly. The basketball poles are made of black metal. The brand names or model names may appear on the backboard, main pole or the flat plastic base of the basketball hoops.

Sporting good, department and toy stores including Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target and Toys R Us nationwide sold the Lifetime basketball hoops between January 1994 and July 2000 and the Escalade Sports basketball hoops between March 1994 and December 2001 for between $80 and $500. Consumers should stop using the basketball hoops immediately and contact Lifetime Products or Escalade Sports to receive free cap nuts to cover the bolts. Consumers should call and get a cap nut regardless of whether their bolt protrudes or not. Consumers can contact Lifetime Products Inc. at 1-800-225-3865 or ( click here). Escalade Sports can be reached at 1-800-467-1397 or by ( clicking here).

Treadmills: Horizon Fitness is voluntarily recalling about 5,900 treadmills. A component of the electronic control panel can malfunction, causing the motor and walking belt to rapidly accelerate and the user can lose balance and fall.

The models included in the recall are the model year 2000/2001 Paragon, Quantum and Omega treadmills. This recall does not include any 2002 model product, which include the Omega II, Quantum II, Paragon II, and Alpine. Sporting goods stores, including Total Fitness Solutions, Fitness Warehouse and Play It Again Sports sold these treadmills nationwide from November 2000 through June 2001 for between $699 and $1099.

Consumers should stop using these treadmills immediately and contact Horizon Fitness (866) 864-3840 or 1-888-993-3199 to receive a repair kit and to set up an appointment to receive an in-home repair. Consumers should have their serial number available at the time of the call to determine if their unit is affected.


Rockets: Estes Industries is voluntarily recalling about 140,000 Air Powered Rockets. The rockets' foam tips can break off exposing sharp edges that can cause face lacerations or eye injuries to consumers. The rocket systems also have weak pump handles that can break during use, posing a risk of hand lacerations to consumers.

The blue, yellow and black GL-X200T Estes AirT Powered Rocket Systems contains two blue rockets with yellow foam tips and are recommended for children 8 years of age and older. "ESTES AIR" is printed in black and white lettering in a 6-inch wide yellow oval on the front of the pump. Underneath the pump appear the words, "Made in China."

Department stores nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and Zany Brainy, as well as e-businesses, catalogers and hobby shops sold these rockets from February 2001 through February 2002 for between $20 and $40.

Consumers should stop using the air rockets immediately and call Estes Industries at 1-800-576-5811 for information on how to get a replacement rocket or you can ( click here).

Key Chains: Hallmark Cards Inc. is voluntarily recalling about 7,000 Harry Potter key chains. The key chains can leak petroleum distillates, which can pose an ingestion hazard to children.

The Harry Potter Magic Potion Bottle key chain is made of styrene and has a "potion bottle" filled with purple-colored mineral oil and red- colored water. The 3-inch tall key chain has a green base and a gold top, and has the letters "HP" printed on the bottle. Hallmark, Hallmark Card, Wal-Mart, grocery, drug, and gift stores nationwide sold the key chains from October 2001 through November 2001 for about $5.

Consumers should call Hallmark at 1-800-425-5627 or ( click here ) for a full refund. through Friday for a full refund.

Outdoor Equipment

Wheelbarrows: Ames True Temper Inc. is voluntarily recalling about 647,000 wheelbarrows. The plastic wheel assemblies on these wheelbarrows, manufactured by a predecessor company, can break when being inflated with high-pressure air hoses. This can result in plastic pieces exploding from the rims of the wheels, possibly hitting nearby consumers and causing lacerations and other injuries.

The wheel assemblies on these wheelbarrows have a black plastic rim and have an approximately 14-inch diameter wheel. They have red, green or orange tubs or trays made of steel or plastic. The recalled Ames wheelbarrows were sold under the brand name "Mustang" or "Douglas." Wheelbarrows with metal wheel assemblies are not part of this recall. Also, no "True Temper" wheelbarrow is part of this recall.

Hardware stores and home centers nationwide sold the recalled wheelbarrows from January 1993 through December 2000 for between $20 and $30. Consumers should not inflate the tires on these wheelbarrows. Consumers should contact Ames True Temper at (866) 239- 2281 to receive a free replacement steel wheel assembly.

Saws: DeWALT Industrial Tool Co. is voluntarily recalling about 55,000 heavy-duty, lightweight circular saws. The spindle on the saw may slip, causing the blade to contact the lower guard, posing a hazard to the consumer from an exposed blade.

The recall involves 7 1/4-inch circular saws with the model numbers DW368, DW368K, or DW369CSK. The model number is located on a black label near the handle of the saw, or on a yellow sticker attached to the carrying case. The saws have date codes 200128-F through 200152- F stamped on the bottom of the motor case. The housing is yellow and the word "DeWALT" is printed on the upper blade guard.

Home centers and hardware stores nationwide sold the circular saws from July 2001 through December 2001 for between $120 and $135. Consumers should stop using the circular saws immediately and return them to the nearest DeWALT service center for a free repair. For more information contact DeWALT at 1-888-839-3559 or ( click here).

Lanterns: Wenzel Co. is reminding consumers of its voluntary recall of about 290,000 propane-fueled camping lanterns with model names "Ozark Trail" or "Wenzel." An insufficient connection between the lantern and the propane cylinder can allow gas to escape and ignite unexpectedly, posing a potential fire and injury hazard to consumers. This hazard can occur during the lighting or normal use of the lantern.

Lanterns purchased after September 1, 2001 are not covered by this recall. The recalled lanterns are green and silver with brass fittings, have a glass globe, and stand about 9 inches high. The lanterns, when attached to the propane cylinder, sit on a green plastic base on which the model names "Ozark Trail" or "Wenzel" appear. The Ozark Trail model has a double cloth mantle for lighting and the Wenzel model has either a double or single cloth mantle. The models involved are Ozark Trail 824927 and 824928, and Wenzel 824208, 824226, 824227 and 824401, which appear on the box in which the lantern came.

Wal-Mart sold the lanterns nationwide under the "Ozark Trail" label from March 1999 through August 2001 for about $18. Sporting goods, camping equipment, and other retail stores nationwide sold these lanterns under the "Wenzel" brand from January 1999 through August 2001 for between $18 and $28.

Consumers should stop using them immediately and detach the lantern from the propane cylinder. Consumers should return the lanterns to the store where purchased for a refund. For more information call Wenzel at 1-800-325-8368 or ( click here).

Beach Chair: Intercon Merchandising Source Inc. is voluntarily recalling about 100,000 Time Out folding mini beach chairs which can be used by both children and adults. The chairs can collapse, posing crush and amputation hazards to consumer's fingers and toes.

The recalled mini beach chair was a free gift with the purchase of a Time Out cosmetic product at Sears stores. The mini beach chairs are white aluminum with a blue canvas seat and back. The name "Time Out" is printed on the canvas backrest.

Sears stores nationwide distributed the mini beach chairs with the purchase of $20 worth Time Out cosmetics from June 2000 through August 2000.

Consumer should contact Intercon at 1-800-634-0469 for more information.

Baby Products

Infant Swings: Fisher-Price is recalling about 42,000 Smart Response Swings for in-home inspection and repair. It is possible to misassemble the seats of these swings so that they appear secure, but are not. If the seat of the swing is not properly attached, the seat and baby can flip forward.

The Smart Response Swing is an indoor infant swing for use from birth until baby can sit up unassisted. The swing operates in response to a sound sensor and plays music. The metal legs of the swing are either blue or beige, and the seat is either beige or white. The Fisher-Price logo appears on the seat's tray. Product numbers 79644, 79645, or 79647 are molded onto the back of the seat. Discount department and juvenile product stores nationwide sold these swings from December 2001 through March 2002 for about $70.

Consumers should stop using swings immediately and call Fisher-Price for help in inspecting the seat to make sure the seat is properly attached. If the seat is not properly attached, a free replacement seat and revised instructions will be provided. For more information, call Fisher-Price at 1-800-942-5912 or ( click here).

To view more recalled products ( click here). For NewsChannel 11's Consumer Connection, I'm Sharon Maines.

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