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The Simoniz Fix: Does It Work?

Do you have scratches on your vehicle but don't have the money to fix them? We're putting a product to the test that will only cost you $20 bucks.

On black cars, you seem to see scratches pretty good. There are scratches on my car where I've managed to miss the key hole many times.

There are three easy steps to getting what you want. Apply the "fast action formula" that contains microscopic polishing agents. Use the power buffer to rub the "fix it" deep into the scratch and then wipe away.

I still saw them. You know me, and I don't like to give up too easy. So I found a second scratch on the black car. I don't see perfection.

Now, to the lighter colored SUV where the scratches came from a dog trying to get into the car. We do the same three-step-dance. I could see that the scratch had reduced in visibility.

I wanted to try it one more time, now with a more visible scratch. I proceeded to buff, and wipe the magic fix it solution away. I was still able to see a little bit, but it was not as visible as it was.

I started to rethink my confidence in this product, maybe it does work, until I found the scratch of all scratches. After using the fix it on it you could still see the scratch. It just didn't work.

It didn't work, and that's all I got to say about that.

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