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Maria Elena Holly Threatens to Sue Peggy Sue

She demanded money for naming rights to the Buddy Holly Music Festival in Lubbock.  When Maria Elena Holly's price got too high, the city decided to still celebrate Buddy Holly's music but drop the Holly name calling it the Lubbock Music Festival.

Now, Buddy Holly's widow is fighting on behalf of her husband's name once again. Maria Elena Holly is threatening to sue Peggy Sue Gerron. That is the Peggy Sue as in Buddy Holly and the Cricket's hit song.

Peggy Sue was a sophomore at Lubbock High school when the song came out. She later married cricket musician Jerry Allison and served as matron of honor in Buddy's marriage to Maria Elena.

But now, 50 years after the song came out, Maria Elena Holly is threatening to sue Peggy Sue. In honor of the song's 50th anniversary, Peggy Sue Gerron has written a book called

"Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue?" Gerron says, "It was a labor of love. In parts, I cried. I think it's a really good tribute to the musicians and most of all to Buddy Holly and he deserves it."

But Maria Elena Holly claims the book is unauthorized and says it would hurt both her and Buddy's reputation and her company Holly Properties.  She also claims Buddy never considered Peggy Sue a friend.

Despite the threat of a lawsuit, the publishing company is moving forward with the book. For more information on Peggy Sue and the book, click here.

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