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The Fight Over A Name Continues

Buddy Holly's widow, Maria Elena Holly is threatening to sue Peggy Sue Gerron. The "Peggy Sue" from Buddy Holly's hit song. But this isn't the first time Maria Elena has fought for money in dealings over her late husband, Buddy.

"I just think it's a really good tribute to all of the musicians and to Buddy Holly and I think he deserves it," said Peggy Sue.

"The book is factual and it's been a labor of love for me to do it," said Peggy Sue.

50 years after her name became a hit song, Gerron is releasing a book titled "What Ever Happened To Peggy Sue?"

"There's been parts of the book that I cried and there's been parts of the book that are very funny," said Peggy Sue.

Gerron wrote the book with 150 diary entries she made during the time she knew Buddy Holly. Now that might sound nice but for Holly's late wife, Maria Elena, it's everything but nice.

Maria Elena is adding this tribute to her late husband to the list of things she's having legal issues with. Maria Elena is threatening to sue Peggy Sue Gerron and her publishing company if the book is released.

Just last May the name of the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame was changed to The West Texas Walk of Fame after Maria Elena demanded nearly $10,000 annually to use Buddy Holly's name. Because no money is made off the walk of fame, there's no money to give her.

Before that, in 1999, the Buddy Holly Music Festival's name was changed to the Music Crossroads of Texas - West Texas Rock 'n' Roll Festival. In that legal battle Maria Elena was offered $50,000 and 15% of the ticket fee to use Buddy's name. She declined so today it's known as the Lubbock Music Festival.

You may be wondering about Buddy Holly Avenue and the Buddy Holly Center. Could Maria Elena fight to change those names too? The short answer is no for the road and not now for the museum. The museum is a contractual deal where Maria Elena already get's money to use Buddy Holly's name. And copyrighted names don't extend to road names.

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