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Red Light Cameras... Should They Go?

Should red light cameras stay in Lubbock or not? That's the question to be debated Tuesday by two groups of Lubbock citizens. They will come up with a recommendation for the Lubbock City Council to either keep the cameras on Lubbock streets or call it quits to the program entirely.

When cameras go up in a city the state mandates they must also have citizen input about those cameras. That committee is required by state law to meet after six months to see if the cameras are improving safety or not.

The decision made Tuesday will weigh the pros and cons of the system. Undoubtedly part of that discussion will be the $18,000 deficit in camera revenue, and the fact that one report shows the number of crashes at the photo enforced intersections has risen in the past six months.

"Anything to reduce traffic accidents, who can argue with that, but it's pretty clear that after six months it has not improved safety, and it's actually been harmful to safety. And then you add on the fact that it's not making money, so it's pretty clear to me that the things ought to be removed," said David Spears with the Citizens Photo Traffic Signal Committee.

The decision made Tuesday will then turn into a recommendation to the city council, as the fate of the cameras is ultimately in the hands of the ones who voted to put them up in the first place.

The city is contractually bound to American Traffic Solutions, the company that runs the red light camera program. But we're told there are ways out of that contract without penalty.

We'll be at the committee meeting on Tuesday to bring you the latest.

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