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Some Good News Concerning MRSA

You probably recognize MRSA as the nick-name for that long description of a certain staph infection which has become resistant to a lot of antibiotics.

The good news is scientists think they have found an easy way to zap that so-called superbug. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital are experimenting with a new way to fight this bacteria with the flip of a switch.

"In a nutshell, it's harnessing the energy of light transforming it into chemical reactions that are toxic to bacteria but not to you. We use deeply penetrating light because we want it to go as deep as we can and that tends to be red light," said Dr. Rox Anderson, Massachusetts General Hospital.

In animal studies, the MRSA bacteria was applied to a superficial wound, then a common dye was applied, followed by a light source. The treatment is over in about 15 minutes and the bacteria is gone.

The fact that it works so fast is a huge benefit of light therapy because even if antibiotics work, they would take at least a day or two to kick in.

So, researchers say the future of using light therapy to treat infection is looking bright, so to speak. In fact, they are so excited about this that they already plan to begin using light therapy on soldiers if they come home with drug resistant infections.

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