Clifton Burnett

Lifelong Lubbock County Resident Clifton Burnett has filed as a candidate for Chairman of the Republican Party of Lubbock. Mr. Burnett has served as Executive Committee member as  Precinct Chair (46) for 2 years and will be on the ballot for County Chair in the upcoming March primary. Mr. Burnett became active in republican party as a volunteer with college republicans while enrolled at Texas Tech in 1972 and is a fiscal conservative  as well as socials issue conservative. Local party officials have severe need for "openmindedness" and must return to middle-of-road from the far rightwing that has been too influential on local elected officials.


Attended Stubbs Elementary, Wilson Jr. High and Coronado High School  and is proud "Fighting" Mustang 1971 graduate (track team). Attended Texas Tech for 2 semesters and was volunteer in local republican party activities.

Mr. Burnett was "Cash for Cans" manager at Great Plains Distributors from 1973-1976 under Bruce Gentry.

Mr. Burnett was employed at Texas Tech Health Sciences from 1979-1987 in General Services in various positions.

Mr. Burnett was employed at Boldt Inc. (McDonalds) from 1993-1997 (approx) before becoming disabled by a "red light runner."

Mr. Burnett is active in politics and volunteer work and is self educated in government operations and political science.

Mr. Burnett is 55 years old, white male, and resides in Lubbock County, between Shallowater and Lubbock, and operates a blog called Lubbock County Register.

Mr. Burnett is single, career bachelor, and is also a record/cd collector.

Source: Clifton Burnett
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