Richard "Chip" Peterson

The Lubbock County Libertarian Party's 2004 Congressional Candidate, Dr. Richard "Chip" Peterson will take a second shot at the 19th Congressional seat.

Dr. Peterson is running on a traditional Libertarian platform of limited government. "Both major parties have engaged in extensive wasteful, pork barrel spending to favor their financial supporters at the expense of the general public. Thus every year, government spending and taxation has taken more and more from the people - leaving people with less money to spend freely as they may choose" said Peterson.

Dr. Peterson opposes the Bush administration's foreign intervention "Libertarians, like our countries' Founding Fathers, do not believe the U.S. should try to be an empire or world policeman. Libertarians believe in free trade and strong national defense, but they do not believe our country should try to impose its will on other countries if they do not pose a threat to us."

Dr. Peterson is a retired Emeritus Texas Tech Professor.

For more information about Chip Peterson, (click here).

Source: Lubbock County Libertarian Party
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