Jerry Russell

Jerry Russell is seeking the Lubbock County Libertarian Party's nomination for Precinct 1 County Commissioner. "I'm running for Lubbock County Commissioner because myself and many other Lubbock County taxpayers are sick and tired of the tax and spenders on the commissioners court and we are not beyond a good old fashion tar and feathering at the county court house either," said Russell.

Russell who characterizes incumbent Bill McCay as a "big government, pay raising, tax increasing Republican" has pledged to never vote for or initiate a pay raise for the County Commissioners and never to initiate or vote for a  tax increase.

He said he would be proactive in repairing badly eroded county roads, eliminate the county property tax and stand with any county resident or residents against the City of Lubbock in regard to forced annexation.

Libertarians hold conventions, not primaries, to nominate their candidates and applicants for office do not have to pay a filing fee. Those citizens interested in running for office as a Libertarian should contact Lubbock County Libertarian Chairman, Brad Clarty, at 470-2278.

Source: Lubbock County Libertarian Party

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