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Mayor David Miller Delivers the 2008 State of the City Address

Lubbock Mayor David Miller delivered the 24th annual State of the City address Tuesday afternoon at the Lubbock Civic Center.

The mayor's 30 minute speech included a wide range of topics from water to road construction to public safety. But his overall message - Lubbock is a "precious place to call home".

Introduced by NewsChannel 11's very own Abner Euresti, Mayor David Miller got straight to the point in his state of the city address.

"The state of our city is exceptional, but I'm not going to candy coat the challenges we face," says Mayor Miller.

In the past year, Mayor Miller has often taken criticism for council decisions.

"I can't deny the controversy over red light cameras which continue at this moment as our committee meets to debate whether cameras should stay up or go down," says Mayor Miller.

Whether its cameras or the budget, the mayor says every politician should be held accountable.

"I am interested in your welfare and your public safety," says Mayor Miller.

The mayor says the city took a step in the right direction in 2007, adopting a water conservation rate plan.

"Water is the most important service the city should provide to its citizens adequate, safe water," says Mayor Miller.

Lubbock citizens used 145 gallons of water per person per day in 2007 down from 177 gallons in 2006.

"I always try to save water so it was very nice to hear the numbers on actual conservation," says Cristin Ashley Buck.

Others in attendance were happy to learn crime in Lubbock is down 4.3 percent. Additionally, 12,000 arrests were made up 31 percent from 2006.

"I'm just very impressed with the low crime rate in Lubbock and cost of living," says Michelle Tosi-Stephens.

Switching gears, Mayor Miller shared how $8.8 million was included in the budget for street maintenance.

"I'm concerned on how it's going because Marsha Sharp is taking forever all the different roads being fixed, but there's a plan so that's good," says Buck.

Mayor Miller says those orange barrels represent progress, something the mayor says will continue if we all work together.

"If we put away selfish agendas and my prideful ego and intertwine with each other, do you see what we can pull together and do in the Second Century," says Mayor Miller.

Also mentioned in Tuesday's address how Texas cotton growers are on track to see their second largest crop on record, most of which is grown right here on the South Plains.

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