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Consider This... To the Citizen Red Light Camera Committee

Last night I urged council to move away from the red light camera program because, after six months, it hasn't proved to make our streets any safer and it's running at a deficit.

Well, the council appointed red light camera committee now says they need more time before recommending the fate of the infamous cameras. That decision came after the private company running the cameras pleaded to committee members to give the program more time.

You'll recall the first six months has seen lost revenue and an increase in crashes at red light camera intersections. And I don't feel real comfortable with the company that is trying to make a buck, coming in, pleading and trying to influence the committee's decision. They will say they are only providing information to help the committee, but the numbers speak for themselves and Lubbock citizens are smart people.

Now, I would like to thank the volunteer citizen committee that has accepted the huge challenge that is the red light camera issue. But consider this: I agree with committee chairman David Spears that the timing is now for these cameras to go.  And I hope the other committee members will listen to the 81% of our viewers who also agree. I also hope they will not be influenced by the company that stands to benefit the most.

No one is arguing that we don't have problem, and everyone wants safer streets, but let's move on to a solution instead of hankering on a decision that needs to be made sooner rather than later.

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