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The HPV Vaccine

The HPV vaccine Gardasil, has already had its share of controversy over whether it's appropriate to require for pre-teens. Now, that protection against cervical cancer is making headlines again because many girls are complaining that the shot carries a really nasty sting in which some have fainted afterward.

Dr. Lisa Thebner, a Pediatrician reminds us to remember the alternative. She says, "When you faint you should be able to come to pretty quickly, in opposition when you get cervical cancer that's a more protracted and difficult illness to deal with so that seems like a small price to pay."

The Gardasil vaccine prevents HPV, the Human Papilloma Virus, which is sexually transmitted and can lead to cervical cancer. The manufacturer Merck, says the package on the vaccine warns of pain and the possibility of fainting as a side-effect.

Meanwhile, a second HPV vaccine is in the making, this one is from Glaxo Smith Kline. So far, there have been no similar complaints of pain from the GSK vaccine.

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