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Virtual Colonoscopy to Help Detect Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer remains the third worst cancer killer in America for men and women, but now a new technology that has been tested for the last several years may finally be ready for nationwide screening. Already, about 10 medical centers across the country are using Virtual Colonoscopy. Which means instead of threading a tube all through the colon to search for cancer, doctors rely on a computer in a procedure which offers much less discomfort.

"A soft tip tube is placed in the rectum. The colon is distended with room air. The patient is uncomfortable for about five minutes and all the rest of the work is done by the computer after the patient leaves," says Dr. Abraham Dachman a Radiologist.

The patient is rolled through a cat scan so the computer can string together those images into an animated journey through the colon, but here is a problem , even though some hospitals are starting to use Virtual Colonoscopy, it may be a long time before insurance covers the screening, which would cost you around $700. We'll let you know when or if Virtual Colonoscopy comes to Lubbock.

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