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Organ Donor Procedure for Knee Pain

Your knees take a lot of stress. For that reason, the knees are more susceptible to injury than many of the other joints in the body. For a lot of folks, that means knee replacement surgery, but did you know there's an alternative for people with extensive cartilage damage?

Here's what's available today. It's called the Allegraph Reconstruction which is done with organ donor tissue. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Brian Cohen says the size of the area being treated is unlimited. "It's not an emergency procedure. This is something that the tissue is preserved and the cells are still alive within a 30 day period and what we do is we will screen the patient's area of concern or the injured area to match the plug that's going to be transplanted in."

"It's pain free, and I don't have the feeling that my knee was going to give out on me all the time," says Chuck, a knee patient.

Yes, this procedure is done here in Lubbock. So, if you're complaining about a bad knee and worried about total knee replacement. See a doctor and you might find out there is an easier way to fix your knee trouble if it can be repaired with Allegraph Reconstruction.

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