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New Eye Surgery for Far-Sightedness

If you want to get rid of your glasses without laser surgery, the FDA has approved a new procedure that's not available in Lubbock yet, but it could be the next option on the horizon for people with low to moderate far sightedness. It's called CK which stands for Conductive Keratoplasty.

There's no laser involved in this. Instead, a thin probe delivers radio frequency to the cornea. "It's like a very fine needle is placed in eight spots in the cornea and for a fraction of a second that probe is heated to 65 degrees. That causes shrinkage of the corneal tissue around it. So we get a sort of a belt like tightening of the cornea," says Dr. William Culbertson, an Opthamologist.

Dr.Culbertson says CK gives the same effect of Lasik without slicing the surface of the cornea to make a flap. CK is quite a bit less expensive because the equipment doesn't cost as much as it does for Lasik surgery.

The disadvantage of CK, though, is that recovery is much slower than Lasik and researchers still don't know how long the vision improvements will last. At any rate, CK isn't here yet. We'll let you know if it becomes an option at local eye clinics.

Dr. William culbertson is an Opthalmologist at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami. Refractec is the company that makes the equipment for CK. The company says so far, it appears the procedure is better suited for older patients who are prone to having dry eyes. ( Click here) for more information.

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