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HealthWise at 5 From 5.3

  • Nerve Rebuilding

Imagine not being able to move your arm or fingers because of nerve damage near the neck and shoulder. It can happen to people in car accidents or even babies during delivery. Now doctors are able to repair damaged nerves and help these patients like Tony.

Tony suffered a nerve injury at birth that left him without any use of his right arm. The nerves that control that arm were torn during delivery when Tony turned out to be such a big baby. Dr. Allen Bishop heads a team at the Mayo Clinic that's using new techniques to improve surgical repair of such nerves.

It's an operation that replaces a torn section of the nerve with another less essential nerve from the patient's calf. Then, the original nerve cells from the neck slowly grow over the damaged nerve until they reach the arm and hand. It's a race for the nerve to reach the muscle before it becomes too weak to regain function. So, the experts at the Mayo Clinic say patients need to be diagnosed and treated within six months of the injury to have the best chance of success.

  • Burger, Fries and Tea?

Sipping a spot of tea along with a fatty meal may help protect your body against some of the fat's negative effects. That's the word of a new University of Maryland Study. Researchers used ultrasound to monitor blood vessel functioning in 30 adults before and after drinking black or green tea along with a high-fat meal. Results show the tea seemed to help the blood vessels relax. Typically, blood vessels constrict somewhat after a high-fat meal, which reduces blood flow throughout the body.

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