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Kids and Second Hand Smoke

The hardest thing we've ever done is ask our mother-in-law to smoke outside when the new baby came. Well, after today, I don't know where you send mom.

Researchers studied nearly 300 children and discovered that even when family went outside the home to smoke, those kids were exposed to second hand smoke. They measured exposure by testing levels of a nicotine by product in samples of the children's hair. The highest levels were found, of course, in kids whose parents smoked inside the house, but next were the kids whose parents smoked in the garage or backyard.

Researchers at Columbus Children's Hospital say the study confirms that smoking outside is better than inside, but still not risk free. Previous studies have shown there is a significant increase risk in heart disease and lung, about 30 % in nonsmokers who live with or work in a smoking environment. It is estimated that in the U.S., 53,000 people die each year due to second hand smoke. Also, children who live in a smoking home have higher rates increase rates of upper respiratory infections, and asthma. Nearly 40% of the primary caregivers in the study were smokers. Only 20% said they never smoked in the home.

The study is being presented at the 2002 Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Baltimore.

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