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New Parents Learn To Budget For Baby

He doesn't even know how to read yet, but thirteen month old baby Ben is already teaching his mom a thing or two about budgeting. "Before Ben was born, I didn't have a care in the world on where I spent my money. I learned a lot about keeping my fiances from him."

Karin Slyker is a first time mom, who wanted to find a stay at home job, so she could spend time with her son. But she quickly discovered that most work at home opportunities were scams. So, she had to go another route. Karin explains, "What I did find were some opportunities that allowed me to stay home a little longer with him."

Karin stopped searching for jobs and searched for internet sites that dealt with babies and baby products, like BabyCenter and ToysRUs. She registered for free coupons from places like Huggies, Pampers, Gerber, and Similac, but it turns out she wasn't able to use the formula coupons. Karin says, "Ben could only handle Carnation formula, so I had all these Similac and Enfamil checks piling up. I found a coupon trading post with other mothers that could use my coupons and vice versa, so for the price of a stamp, I could get a new can of formula. New moms helped out other new moms even in Canada so basically I fed him for free for seven to eight months. " These are some of the sites Karin visited to find coupons, SmartSource, Coupons, and Nesteggz.

This online network of moms was just the savings the Slyker's needed, so they could live off one-income instead of two for at least one year of Ben's life. Karin says, "Just this year, I've saved almost $300 using coupons for daily expenses. If I can save $300 in four months, in one year I can save close to $1,000.

While online, Karin also found sites that allowed her to start savings accounts of Ben's future. Try out Upromise or Babymint. For NewsChannel 11's Consumer Connection, I'm Sharon Maines.

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