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Lubbock Water And Sewer Rates To Increase

Lubbock's assistant director of water utilities says that water isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. And because of that the amount you pay for two necessary utilities could be going way up.

"It'll be a significant increase in the water rates because you can imagine this large of a project," said Assistant Water Utilities Director Aubrey Spear.

Spear is referring to the Lake Alan Henry pipe line project.

"That project is a 230 million dollar project... That's the most significant project the city has ever undertaken," said Spear.

Water is obviously something no one can live without. And because of that, whether we like it or not, we've got to pay for it. And paying for it is more expensive now than ever before.

"Communities are having to go further to get their water... They're having to look at more complex was to obtain water for their citizens so the water is obviously costing more," said Spear.

Some of the water we use literally gets flushed right down the toilet. And where that water ends up is another "bill" Lubbockites can expect to see increase.

"We're about to start upgrading our waste water treatment plant," said spear.

Last week, the city council approved up to $70 million for the project.

"If the low bid ends up being selected and is the most qualified, it'll be around 42 million dollars," said Spear.

So there might be some savings there but no matter how you look at it, come spring, be ready to pay more at the tap.

"We anticipate as we go through this process that in April's when those will take effect," Spear added. For Your Cell Phone
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