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Groceries Going "Green"

The nation's grocers met in Washington Friday to talk about how they can be kinder to the environment. 

Safeway is switching all 1,000 of its trucks to cleaner burning fuel.  California is considering charging 15 cents every time a customer asks for a plastic bag. Sara Lee says it is building a bakery run entirely by a windmill.

The bottom line is that the food companies say they want to join the effort to go green because they are realizing that being good to the environment is also good for business. For example, consumers love the new concentrated detergents and it's not just about less plastic.

Cal Dooley of the Grocery Manufacturers Association says, "You can put a lot more of those packages of that detergent that's concentrated on a palette, in a truck, that again has significant savings in the fuel and the transportation."

The grocers say that the real challenge is that busy consumers want smaller items  on the go and packaged individually and that takes more plastic which is not environmentally friendly.

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