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Mailman Attacking Dog Gets Sentenced

Postal worker Aaron Aberle gives new meaning to the postal oath... Neither rain, nor sleet nor gloom of night!

"I've been bitten two times before... Once on my leg and once on my thigh...," said Aberle.

That oath doesn't mention anything about dog attacks but Aberle knows all about that. Just last Friday he got a new lesson in how to deal with a mail route dog.

"It's kind of like time stood in slow motion, you know... But he never got out before," said Aberle.

Aberle was walking his route on 44th street when a dog, Whiskey, escaped his fenced in yard.

"I just put my hand out so he wouldn't get my body and when he did he got my finger and then he went back into the middle of the yard," said Aberle.

Whiskey punctured Aberle's finger twice, but then, just when he thought it was all over...

"He came at me again! and then that's when i through the mail and took off running... I said see ya," added Aberle.

Friday Aberle met his attacker's family at a dangerous dog hearing.

"In this particular case i'm going to find that the animal is a dangerous animal," said Director for Animal Services, Kevin Overstreet.

"I was just worried about them getting in trouble or the dog... You know neither one of them deserve it... It happens... Accidents happen,"said Aberle. 

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