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Shopping May Cause The Flu

We're right in the middle of flu season and if you end up with it, look no further than your wallet or an ATM to place the blame. That's according to a new study by the National Influenza Research Center which has found that cashiers and others who work with large quantities of cash appear to be the most vulnerable to "catching" the flu.

"We know obviously when someone coughs they cover their mouth. But they touch other things and the flu virus will be on that for some period of time." says Dr. Mark Tribble, an Infectious Disease Specialist. He goes on to say, "I thought it was interesting one of the varieties of flu lasted for three days on a dollar bill, which is much longer than we would have expected."

 Dr. Tribble says that proves the virus can survive long enough on paper to find another victim unlike previous thinking that the virus was transmitted through the air. He says the best prevention is still hand washing.

The influenza study tells us we need a lot more hand washing after all kinds of activities not just after shaking hands.

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