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HealthWise at 5 From 5.8

  • Parkinson's Gene Therapy

A new type of gene therapy may hold the key to longer lasting treatments for Parkinson's Disease. Researchers at the University of Florida at Gainesville say they've reversed many Parkinson's symptoms in rats with the new therapy. The treatment involves a harmless virus packed with a combination of genes. Experts believe the gene therapy could someday hold off Parkinson's symptoms for up to 10 years. That's twice the length of medications currently in use.

  • Parents Best Medicine for Autistic Kids

A progressive new treatment for Autism depends a a great deal on parent involvement. It's not an option or every family. "The Play Project", as it is called, actually trains the parents to be the therapists. It means 20 or more hours a week in a structured play program along with regular visits from specialists. University of Michigan experts say the goal is to jumpstart the children's social and educational development. So far, roughly half the kids in the initial test group are showing good or very good progress.

  • Migraine Mouthpiece

A simple device that fits over your front teeth is being hailed as a breakthrough for treating Migraine headaches. The FDA recently approved the NTI tension suppression system. It's a small, custom-fit plastic device designed to keep your jaw open slightly while you snooze. Experts say we all naturally contract muscles along the sides of our heads as we sleep. But Migraine sufferers may do it up to 14 times more intensely than people who don't get the headaches. The NTI device reportedly cuts the severity of the contractions by 70 %.

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