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Ab Busters, Ab-Solute Fakes

If you're trying to tighten your tummy with an electronic Ab-belt, you may be jiggling for nothing. Government officials are calling those Ab-belts ab-solute fakes. The Federal Trade Commission said today (5.8) the promise that Ab-Belts can fix flabby tummies without exercise is just not true. You've probably seen them advertised on TV. You wrap an electronic belt around your waist and with the press of a button, you're supposed to get a great workout for your waist. The FTC worked out a complaint today and filed it in federal court against the marketers of the "Ab Energizer", "Abtronic", and "Fast Abs".

"These electronic ab gadgets don't do a thing to turn a bulging beer belly into a sleek six pack muscle stomach. We intend to take a tough stance against false claims made in national advertisements. Marketers who don 't listen up may see us in federal court," says FTC Chairman, Timothy Muris.

The FTC is also challenging those companies for problems with shipping, money back guarantees and warranties. Now, understand the electronic muscle stimulator is approved for limited use in physical therapy. The Food and Drug Administration says it has never cleared any kind of ab stimulator for weight loss or muscle training. Instead, the government warns that those devices can be dangerous for people who suffer from many medical conditions, including cancer, heart problems, epilepsy, varicose veins, high blood pressure, angina and diabetes.

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