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Women Seek to Create Balanced Lives

Women pack a lot into a day: the family, the career, maybe volunteer work. "Me" time is squeezed out, and healthy habits take a back seat.

"These employees didn't know me when I was the crazy Ellen," said business owner, Ellen Miller.

Miller was crazy, trying to do it all: the career, a mom to teenagers, and caring for an ill father. That's when Ellen Miller made a choice.

"I left a job I absolutely loved," said Miller.

The Dallas woman opened her own marketing business, but the change came with a promise.

"I made a commitment that I was going to begin to take care of myself. For me, it started with 10 or 15 minutes and just putting that into my life and saying I am important and my health is important," said Miller. "(Now I do) 15 minutes, twice a week. I do my little barbells. Nine pounds."

That choice to exercise those 15 minutes reflects the balanced life Ellen has lived for 13 years now. Along the way, the 48 year-old discovered many women living lives spread too thin.

"High achieving women take on so much of the burden for their professional lives and their families, that they don't take care of these other very, very important pieces of what makes them a complete and whole woman," Miller said. 

Ellen has a website where girlfriends around the world come to learn about living a balanced life. Her truth nuggets e-mail give women motivation, inspiration, and reminders to put themselves first.

"If we neglect ourselves, how are we ever gonna take care of our families, our professions? How are we going to be successful in the marketplace?"

To view Ellen's website, (click here).

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