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Free Service Saves People From Foreclosure

Nationwide, foreclosure rates are soaring and while the trend in Lubbock is not as dramatic,  foreclosures are up. This past year 125 people filed for foreclosures. That's up about 20 homes from 2005.

Typically, after a homeowner misses three mortgage payments, they receive a letter that gives them 30 days to pay off the last 90 days. If they do not do so, foreclosure proceedings begin.

For 14 years local realtor Donna Dubose has sold people homes, now she's hoping she can help people save their homes from foreclosure.

"What we do is service lenders who have people or customers in default which means they have missed at least one or two payments and foreclosure is getting ready to start taking effect in the third month," says Dubose.

Enter Dubose, who offers people options and most of all hope. The best part is her advice is free of charge.

"If they still qualify to make the payments, then we do what we call a one transfer. I call the lender and put them together and that lender works out maybe raising their payment a little bit because they're behind on escrow plus account payments," says Dubose.

Another option is for lenders to take a homeowners default and add it to the end of the loan. 

Dubose's biggest challenge is getting homeowners to answer the door.

"They quit answering phones because of collectors and just hope for the best," says Dubose.

Dubose says each foreclosure case is different but extreme credit card debt is often a common link.

"Pay your mortgage, because foreclosure on your credit is the worst. The worst you can have on your credit is foreclosure," says Dubose.

So if you see this face at your door - answer - because Dubose promises to be a welcome relief.

"So many people aren't educated on what they can do to get help and that's what I live to do is help people," says Dubose.

You can reach Donna Dubose at (806) 535-1920 or you can E-mail her at

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