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Campaign Signs Show Signs of Political Trouble

"My opponent for this race, County Commissioner Precinct three, has violated the code of ethics - rules published by the Texas ethics commission," said incumbent Precinct Three Commissioner Ysidro Gutierrez.

"I did not know. I did not intentionally go out and put signs that were against the law," said County Commissioner Candidate Gilbert Flores. 

There's no doubt it's election time again. One tell-tale sign are campaign signs. But who knew one sign could cause so much trouble?

"I had an option, to throw them away and wait for the other signs to come in and start with brand new signs as you can see. But I decided to use those signs. I just didn't want to waste them," said Flores.

Flores recently posted several large signs from a past campaign when he was the incumbent seeking re-election.

"We altered the re-elect and covered the ‘re' and just put elect Gilbert Flores and apparently it's not ethical," said Flores.

And that "re" is just one of the problems posed by Commissioner Gutierrez.

"First off he has placed signs throughout the precinct that show he is running for re-election, which is a misrepresentation of the facts," said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez says the "re" could lead voters to believe that Flores is the incumbent when he's not. He's running for the seat he lost to Gutierrez in 2004.

"And the other thing is that he has omitted the word "for" which is also specifically required by the Texas Ethics Commission," added Gutierrez.

The old signs simply say, Gilbert Flores, County Commissioner Precinct Three - without the "for."

"I don't think that our citizens from Lubbock County really see a difference," said Flores.

"My opponent is distorting the facts and he is running a campaign of misinformation and he should stop it right away," said Gutierrez.

"The difference between elect or re-elect, it's important, but when you compare it to what I'm talking about on county issues, it's really pretty petty," added Flores. 

Gutierrez filed that complaint with the ethics commission Wednesday so there's no word yet on how they could penalize Flores or even if they will.

NewsChannel 11 will continue following this story and let you know if anything does come from the complaint.

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