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The H20 Mop: Does It Work?

If the H20 Mop works as advertised, you are about to witness the ultimate floor cleaning solution. That's because the mop says it will get your floors clean with almost no effort at all.

First, I had to figure out how to put it together.  It wasn't hard, just two screws and that was it.

Your package comes with two washable cloths that fit on the bottom of the H20 Mop, and a carpet glider.

I filled the water tank with tap water and the H20 Mop converts it into 1,500 watts of steaming power.  Before we proceed, you should know this product is $99, Does It Work?

"Follow me; I have a stain in mind," said Cecelia Jones.

After you plug in the mop, you wait 10-15 seconds for the light to turn green, which means it's ready. I found a good stain. I'm not sure what it is, but maybe the H20 Mop can get it out. Unfortunately, I did not see evidence of the stain in the mop head, and you could still see it in the carpet. 

What about a fresh stain?  I spilled some soda on the carpet. I sopped some up with a dry towel first and then I used the mop on it.  "I think the stain is gone."   The carpet also was very hot because of the hot steam.

Next I moved the test to tile floors.  "This thing has a nice swivel head on it. That's good to maneuver around corners and baseboards."   I found the mop quickly helped me take care of the rest of my kitchen floors.  "Those floors were in need of some serious mopping." 

The cloth was very dirty.  I noticed fresh spills were a bit of a challenge.  The mop did pick it up, except it did not make the floor squeaking clean...more like sticky clean.

The makers claim this mop can clean carpets.  I used it in my nursery at home.  The steam made the carpet warm and slightly damp, but not terribly bad.  Again, the cloth came out dirty.

So does the H20 Mop work? I think it does!

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