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The CDC Warns of CMV Infections

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control, more doctors need to warn their pregnant patients about the risks of CMV infections.

CMV is a virus in the herpes family and it is found in any bodily fluid which include tears, breast milk, and saliva.  It is passed from person to person through close contact.  If a pregnant woman picks up this virus and passes it to her unborn child, the child could be born with anything from a weakened immune system to a permanent disability.

The CDC is encouraging doctors to remind their pregnant patients that during pregnancy it is more important than ever to practice a thorough hand washing routine, especially after tending to pre-school aged children.

A survey of Obstetricians found that fewer than half talk to their patients about how to avoid CMV infections. CDC officials recommend that pregnant women wash their hands often with soap and water after contact with saliva or diapers. CMV is the leading infectious cause of birth defects in the U.S. with roughly five to eight thousand babies born in the U.S. with CMV related disabilities.

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