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Home Run for Lubbock Little League Sign-Ups

"Huge amounts of people contacting me about baseball and when we start and when are sign-ups," said Dana Sparks.

Sparks is president of the Western Little League and she says the excitement that followed the Western All-Stars appearance in the Little League World Series had people calling and e-mailing her throughout the fall.

"I think we're all going to see an increase city-wide just because all across the city kids think it's cool to play baseball again and that it's a neat experience that they would like to participate in," Sparks said.

Sparks says sign-ups have doubled this year at each of the seven little leagues in Lubbock. 400 kids make up each little league section. That's 2,800 kids playing little league baseball across the Hub City.

Saturday we ran into someone many of those kids look up to.

"It's just pretty cool to see all these kids here and it's pretty cool to know that they want to work at it like we did. It's just pretty awesome," said Garrett Williams.

Garrett, of course, is the pitcher that helped take the Western All-Stars to the Little League World Series. He and his teammates are now in the junior-senior league and Garrett's prediction for the coming year - another World Series appearance maybe?

"There are all stars in junior-senior league and you can go to the junior-senior World Series but I don't think we're going to do that this year. We put all of our effort last year into it and I think pretty much we're just blown out right now and we're just hear for the fun," Garrett said.

But there's a variety of reasons these youngsters have decided to play ball. This is what a few Lubbock Little Leaguers said:

"It's just the funnest. I'm not really good at other sports."

"Most of all because you get to hit the balls and run bases and usually, not that much, but usually sometimes you get to win."

"Hitting and getting people out, and catching pop flies."

If you missed Saturday's sign-ups don't worry, your children can still participate by signing up at their school. Just contact your child's school for more information.

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