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Nurse of the Year Gives Scoliosis Tips

Darnell Dingle is a school nurse at Overton Elementary in Lubbock. Since this is week is School Nurses Week, NewsChannel 11 thought we would spotlight the best of the best.

Nurse Dingle was recently named nurse of the year for Region 17, and she gives a health tip to parents whose children are going through adolescence. As your child goes through the growth spurts of adolescence, she says take notice of their posture, their stand and the straightness of their back.

She says all the school nurses have been screening 6th and 9th graders this week for Scoliosis, which is a sideways curvature of the spine that causes the rib cage to be tilted. "We like to find it early so can be referred to a doctor's care. Some kids need treatment now," Darnell Dingle, R.N.

Nurse Dingle says if kids are not diagnosed and treated early, they could end up with disfigurement or other health problems. She also says you can check your kids for signs of Scoliosis. When they bend over at the waist, if they show an unnatural curve of the spine or bulging rib cage, they should see a doctor.

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