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Does It Work's Cecelia Jones Brings Home Baby

A lot of people recognize Cecelia Jones as the "Does It Work" lady. Every week, she tests all the gadgets we wonder about.  It's sort of become a family with familiar folks like Evelyn Halgren helping her test the products.

And speaking of family, did you see what happened on "Does It Work" last Wednesday?

After the segment, Cecelia rubbed her tummy and announced that her baby was due on February 19th, about four weeks away.  Little did Cecelia know that just 2 hours later, after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, her water broke at the stroke of midnight.

Cecelia and Corey Jones, her husband, rushed to the hospital. But since babies have their own time-table, they waited almost 16 hours before their first child was born - nearly a month early - and already six pounds, 10 ounces! 

By Saturday afternoon, Lexis Lynn Jones was dressed in pink with a bow in her hair and ready to take her parents home. Daddy Corey had to brag, "She's healthy and good looking like her Mama - and her Daddy." 

Not only was Lexis Lynn pretty, but she was pretty noisy about her desire to go home. She cried when her Dad left to get the car (and took the pacifier with him).  But eventually, Cecelia was wheeled to the front door of the hospital with the baby in her arms. Cameras were flashing to get every moment on the way to the car.

Then came the first hitch for these new parents, the gadget lady had no clue how to work the car seat. "I think her neck is supposed to go here," she said. Corey added, "We should have taken a class on this." 

The new Mom and Dad moved their new baby in and out of the car seat several times. They even pulled the car seat in and out of the car twice to check the levers and straps underneath for some hidden clues. Finally, a nice pregnant lady nearby offered her help. It was perhaps the most complicated "Does It Work" test ever for Cecelia. 

So, as they finally drove off to face new baby gadget tests at home, we raced over to Evelyn Halgren's house hoping she might have some important advice for the new parents before the next crisis.

Here is what she said, "Hi Cecelia. This is Evelyn.  I want to let you know how it works:  Changing diapers.  The best thing to do when there is a stinky diaper is to call Corey and tell him to change the diaper. It doesn't always work. But if you ask - does it work? Does it not work? I give it a maybe. Love you, bye."

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