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HealthWise at 5 From 5.13

  • HIV Vaccine Study

A new HIV vaccine is inching closer to reality. A nationwide clinical research study is now underway to test the safety, tolerability, and immune system response to such a vaccine. 92 volunteers across the country will each receive a series of three injections, either the vaccine or a placebo. The vaccine is made from a common cold virus that has been genetically altered to carry a copy of an HIV gene. Since the vaccine is not made from live HIV, the subjects are not exposed to the virus and therefore cannot become infected.

  • Kid's Klues

Most parents try to have as much information on hand for their babysitters. Now, three Pennsylvania moms are out with a new product that can help. Kid's Klues allows parents to create a comprehensive planner for caregivers. The kit allows you to create easy to follow pages of information on everything from your child's health to their favorite bedtime stories. The pages can then be printed and stored in a three ring binder. Kid's Klues can be ordered online by ( clicking here).

  • Gum Disease Laser

The American Dental Association says about 60% of adults have Gum Disease. Now, a new laser treatment gives patients a welcome alternative to painful gum surgery. The FDA recently gave the green light to laser periodontal therapy or LPT. It treats Gum Disease with little or no bleeding and swelling. It features a tiny fiber that gets right to the root of the problem destroying the disease tissue without harming the surrounding healthy tissue. Experts say the therapy may also help rebuild bone tissue affected by the disease.

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