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Lubbock Mayor's Wife Hospitalized After Stroke

Mayor David Miller's wife, Jayne Ann, 57, is recovering at University Medical Center Wednesday after suffering a stroke earlier this week.

Mrs. Miller was admitted to UMC Tuesday, and test results confirmed she had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, which occurs when a blood vessel breaks and bleeds into the brain. UMC physicians anticipate a full recovery, and she is expected to be released later this week.

"We are being told that Jayne Ann should be home within days to fully recover," Miller said. "I appreciate the thoughts and prayers everyone has sent our direction. They have not gone unnoticed, and we are both truly grateful."

A spokesperson for the family also tells NewsChannel 11: that although he is focused on his family at this time, given the positive prognosis and his wife's encouragement, Miller has not changed his plans to run for re-election at this point in time.

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