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Apartment Complex Leaves Trash Sitting For Weeks

Disgusting, filthy and unsanitary that's how people at the Riviera Apartments in Central Lubbock are describing their home. Some say conditions are so bad that residents are moving out.   

The Riviera Apartments claim to offer luxury living, but trash is overflowing out of every dumpster on the property.  Residents are now simply placing their garbage beside the dumpster's.

Residents NewsChannel 11 spoke with asked for their faces to not be shown on camera. "We can't seem to get what we need to be done that we're paying for," said one resident.  "They have not picked up the trash for maybe ten days and I have called, and they said it would happen in a couple days and that was about a week or more ago," says another resident.

The City of Lubbock Solid Waste Department does not handle the trash pick up for The Riviera. Officials say instead a private hauler handles that particular property. Residents say when they called the waste service, Duncan Disposal, representatives claimed the company has not been paid for their services in months.

But the trash isn't the only problem at the apartments.  "The plumbing, nothing is painted, our swimming pool is in such a mess it looks like an old green sewer," a resident said.

NewsChannel 11 did discover the property is currently undergoing a change in management.  Qwest Management used to handle The Riviera.  Residents tell NewsChannel 11, Capstone Real Estate Services recently acquired the property. NewsChannel 11 tried to contact the company to learn more about that trade, but they didn't call us back. So we decided to confront management on site ourselves.

"Can you tell me why the trash has not been collected at The Riviera in ten days?" asked NewChannel 11.  "I'm talking to my district manager and she told me not to comment," says management.

"I'm just wondering how you guys can be ok with letting people live in this type of situation?" NewsChannel 11 asked.  "I can't comment," says management.

The manager did go on to say the problem has been fixed. "I can tell you it was taken care of. It was taken care of two weeks ago,".

"The service will pick it up tomorrow. I talked to them and they said they will pick it up," management said.  Management did have the trash removed from the property sometime Wednesday afternoon. 

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