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Still No Burn Ban in Lubbock County... But Why?

"It is ultimately our decision, we know that and we realize that, but again because we have tried to work with our volunteer fireman this time that's why there hasn't been a burn ban put into place just yet," said Lubbock County Commissioner Patti Jones.

But why? Living in West Texas it's common knowledge that when it's dry and the winds pick up, the chance of fires spreading quickly grows.

Wednesday night, an engine malfunction caused a camper to catch fire as the truck it was attached to was traveling down the Slaton Highway. With the winds blowing strong, firefighters tell NewsChannel 11 they had to work quickly to keep the fire away from the grass just inches away.

While that fire didn't spread to the grass but there have been more than 22 grass fires in Lubbock this month alone. And Commissioner Jones says it's the volunteer firefighters that don't want a burn ban. She says the volunteer firefighters association had a meeting with county commissioners just last week.

"They would have confrontation with individuals that were not happy with the burn ban so they took the tongue lashing from an irate citizen because so and so commissioners put a burn ban in," said Jones.

But that's not the only reason, another is trash.

"We still have residents out in the county that burn their trash rather than have dumpster service or have an incinerator or whatever the other option is. And so we put a burn ban into effect, then what happens with them? They start calling and want to know if we're going to start providing trash service," said Jones.

Jones adds the county commissioners are working on a solution but for now, they're echoing Governor Perry. In a statement put out by Perry's office Wednesday, he said:

"Vigilance and good judgment are key to ensuring Texans' families, homes and places of work remain safe."

"What we're trying to do at this point is just trying to educate people to use common sense," said Jones.

It's common sense that both the county commissioners and Governor Perry hope keep fires to a minimum.

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