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Mayor Miller's Wife Suffers Rare Type of Stroke

It was announced Wednesday that the wife of Mayor David Miller, Jayne Ann Miller, suffered a stroke earlier this week. She was released from UMC Wednesday and is now recovering at home. In fact, doctors expect a full recovery.

A family spokesperson, Kim Davis, says the family is delighted that there is no paralysis and no slurred speech.  They have been told that the best thing for Jayne Ann now is simply lots of rest at home.

So what is a hemorrhagic stroke? Dr. Michael Phy is Jayne Ann's doctor. He told us today that kind of stroke is the rarest, because there is no clot that stops blood flow to the brain. Instead, a hemorrhagic stroke spills blood into the brain, but Dr. Phy says typically, the symptoms are still the same. 

Dr. Phy says there are several clues that should send you to the emergency room; trouble with motor or motion, moving their arms or legs, or decreased sensation (usually in the face, the arms, the legs) difficulty with balance or sudden onset of problems with headache. If any of these occur, Dr. Phy says call 9-1-1.

At the hospital, a cat scan will quickly determine if there is bleeding in the brain. That will show up as a white patch which either indicates calcium as in bone or bleeding in the brain. Since hemorrhagic strokes have no blood clot, there is no 3 hour window to dissolve the clot and reverse the damage. Likewise, aspirin could make it worse, because that could make the patient bleed even more.

But Dr. Phy says there is one thing you can do to protect against any kind of stroke.

"The number one cause of stroke is high blood pressure, under treated or untreated in both kinds of strokes, hemorrhagic or ischemic. And if you have that you need to be diligent in getting that under control," said Dr. Phy.

Again, it appears Jayne Ann's health is under control again. She was released from UMCE on Wednesday and will be getting lots of rest at home. Meanwhile, Mayor Miller says at this point, his plans for re-election have not changed.

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