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Second Deadly Pit Bull Attack in Two Days

For the second consecutive day we are reporting a pit bull attack and once again it was fatal.

A 9-year-old girl found a grand champion goat dead, attacked by pit bulls in South Lubbock County. And because of the rash of recent pit bull attacks, the city of Lubbock has been overwhelmed with anti-pit bull calls Friday.

"I've literally been on the phone since I got to work this morning with concerned citizens about the pit bull issue and the city council office has received dozens of calls as well," said Kevin Overstreet, Director of Lubbock Animal Services.

Right now state law isn't breed-specific when it comes to animal control and state law makes it illegal for a city to ban breed specific dogs.

Thursday night NewsChannel 11 spoke to State Representative Carl Isett about any future laws possibly banning pit bulls or other dangerous dogs. Isett says there's no legislation on the floor now, but attacks like those in the past couple days certainly add to discussions about new legislation.

Overstreet says since January 1st, just 32 days ago, Animal Services has responded to 66 aggressive dog calls and 30 animal bite calls. That's 30 bites in 32 days.

One Horse Is Dead, Four Others Injured After Morning Pit Bull Attack
They have a special place in the hearts of many and now four of the five Hearts and Hooves Miniature Horses are recovering after two pit bulls went on a violent rampage Thursday morning killing one, and seriously injuring the other four.

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