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It's The End Of An Era, Old Mill Trade Days Is Closing

It's the end of an era, Old Mill Trade Days in Post has been a tradition for so many across the south plains, and come Sunday evening, it will close it's doors for the last time.

"We love it here, we've made so many good friends and we're just sick that it's closing," said vendor, Carrla Todd.  "It's sad, kind of a mixed feeling," said vendor Katie Slone. 

"I sure hate it, We've been coming here for about 12 or 13 years," patron John Bulhalth said.  Since April 1994, Old Mill Trade Days has welcomed as many as 7,000 people a month to buy goods and trinkets unique to only West Texas.

Since that time the numbers have dwindled. Last month less than 600 people attended Old Mill Trade Days. And that's the reason for it's closing.

Brigitty Curry has had a booth at Old Mill Trade Days for 13 years, she is most sad to say good bye to her fellow vendors.  "This place is so unique that it has a charm by itself and the vendors all here, It's like a family," said Brigitty.

Brigitty says there's no place like it in the world.  "I'm originally from Germany, I've been all over the world but I have never, ever seen the camaraderie of anybody than the people here in Post."

Another vendor, Cam Dockery had a booth at Old Mill Trade Days for six years.  "There's not a whole lot of places like this around, where people could come to you every month like this," said Cam.

He carves wood to make his own unique type of art. Cam closed his wood working stand about a year ago and when he learned of Old Mill Trade Days closing, there was only one thing he could do.  "I just decided to come back for this one time, cause it was closing," Cam added.

While for Giles Dalby, the closing means a whole different set of problems.  "We're the land lords for 'em and obviously it creates problems for us too."  Giles says they're not quite sure what they'll do with the space now. It could be turned into office space, but it's all still up in the air. And like everyone else, vendor and customer alike, the land lord is sad too.

"We hate to see it go because obviously we're losing a great asset here that we had in the city of Post and Garza County and obviously you hate to see anything go," said Giles.  If you would like to see Old Mill Trade Days before it closes, Sunday is your last chance. Doors will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

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