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Kangoo Workout

The latest exercise craze that's hitting the east coasts is the Kangoo workout. You strap on a pair of Kangoos to your shoes then start jumping and you keep on bouncing for maybe 30 minutes or whatever you can handle. Instructors say this is the ultimate workout because you will burn about 100 calories every 10 minutes. Originally Kangoos were designed for people with back, ankle and knee problems.

Kangoo instructor Sonrisa Dixon says, "They actually absorb about 80 percent of impact for high impact aerobics. The 80 percent is gone so it's a lot easier on the muscles, on your bones, on your joints and everything."

Normally, Kangoo shoes are provided for the class members because they're expensive costing about $300 online. If you hear about a Kangoo class starting up in Lubbock, let NewsChannel 11 know, and we'll check it out.

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