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How Teen Suicide Affected One Lubbock Family

Just weeks ago a Lubbock teen committed suicide by hanging himself. Lubbock authorities say that makes him the sixth Lubbock teen to take his life since 2006. Nationally suicide is the third leading cause of death among Americans 15 to 24 and another one million teens attempt suicide each year. 

Katie Rodriguez, 16, was close friends with two of the local teens who recently took their own lives. Her mom, Patricia, says soon after Katie herself began to withdraw from family and friends. She was moody and spent her free time sleeping.

Patricia assumed Katie's behavior was typical of a teenager. Until she read a note from Katie. A note that quickly changed her opinion.

"In May she left me a note that these were her intentions and she just couldn't go on anymore. I was beside myself," says Patricia Rodriguez, a concerned parent.

"I think one of the most important things to understand about suicide is that suicide is about releasing the pain and oftentimes when people come to the decision of suicide, most of the time not a spur of the moment decision," says Steve Talbert, a LISD School Counselor.

Tonight on NewsChannel 11 at 10, Patricia and Katie share more of their story. They hope parents more parents will learn to recognize the warning signs in their teens before it's too late.

Tonight, we'll go in-depth into those warning signs and try to better understand an issue that is not talked about much on the news.

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