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Spur ISD Cancels Class Due To Illness

Illness has forced one South Plains school district to cancel classes so students can go home to get better, but something out there is floating through other areas as well.

The doors at Spur Elementary remained locked as usual Tuesday night, but they will remain locked until next week.  Flu forced the district to cancel class, and folks at the Spur Clinic say it's the worst they've ever seen.

"Worse than we've ever had it, that I know, since I've been her 10 years," Spur Clinic Administrator Glenda White said. 

Typically, folks who call the Spur Clinic can come in the same day.

"But that's not happening," White said. 

White tells NewsChannel they're seeing double the case load, and most have the flu.

"We average, over the years, one to two flu symptoms in the clinic, and we're seeing it every day," White said. 

White says it's not just school kids getting sick either.

"It's hitting all over.  Tuesday morning we had three family members, had the dad the day before, so it's getting just about everybody," White said. 

White says this flu epidemic isn't just hitting the Spur area either. They're getting patients from Kent, King, and surrounding counties as well. The best advice she says she can give is to wash your hand frequently.

White also tells us that the clinic in Crosbyton is also seeing several cases of the flu.

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