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Presidential Candidates Eye The Texas Vote After Super Tuesday's Results

Super Tuesday is behind us, however, neither party emerged with a nominee as many had predicted would happen. On Tuesday, some states were still counting votes.

John McCain is the clear front-runner for the Republicans for now. However, the Democratic race is still too close to call. Barack Obama won 13 states and has 15 in all. Hillary Clinton took 12 states, but won the two biggest: California and New York.

Since there was no stand out winners, what does that mean for our primary next month?

Political analysts say Texas is the next big battle ground in the race for the White House. So that means get ready for presidential ads and campaign mail.

Super Tuesday is over but political consultant Morris Wilkes says the results mean Texas now becomes a state candidates want to win.

"This time you have a competitive race on both sides and it will play a big part," Wilkes said.

Wilkes says the campaigns should hit airwaves and your mailboxes in a matter of days, as early voting is less than two weeks away.

"You're going to start to see television ads, you're going to start to hear radio ads, and you're going to start to get phone calls at home from political campaigns," Wilkes added.

 Aside from ads, Wilkes says also expect to see some of the candidates right here on the South Plains.

"The Texas vote is important nationally and West Texas is an important vote within the state," Wilkes said.

It is a vote which Texas Tech student Kim Wilshusen says she'll need to get more educated about before heading to the polls.

"I was going to go with the front runner, so now I have some more stuff to read about," Wilshusen said.

According to the Federal Election Commission, South Plains voters have given Republican Rudy Giuliani the most campaign funding through December 31, 2007.  Ron Paul and John McCain follow Giuliani, who of course dropped out of the race before Super Tuesday.

On the Democrat side, Bill Richardson received the most funding followed by Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. Richardson and Edwards have already dropped out of the race.

Our primary election is March 4. Early voting starts February 19.


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