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Tainted Animal Food Still A Problem

Remember that tainted pet food that killed thousands of animals last spring? Here it is almost a year later and a federal grand jury has charged a Las Vegas company and two Chinese firms.

The Chinese companies are accused of deliberately mislabeling 800 tons of contaminated wheat to avoid inspection in China and the Vegas company is blamed for re-labeling the stuff when it became available in the states.

This means that  pet food makers in the United States wouldn't suspect a problem.  All the pet food was eventually recalled  after more than four thousand dogs and cats died. Today, on Capitol Hill, lawmakers raised new questions. Not just about the safety of pet food,  but about what is made overseas . "There are a lot of vulnerable people in current system. We need more inspection. We need a single food safety agency." Says Dick durbin. Majority leader Senator Durbin has introduced legislation to overhaul food safety.  It hasn't been approved yet. Meanwhile, the FDA does have a new food protection plan in the works.


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