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Residents Fearful of Arson in Central Lubbock Neighborhood

"It actually makes me feel very uncomfortable because I was just three homes down," said resident Tirso Carrillo. 

"It actually has me frightened because, it being so close, it scared me," added Alexandra Lovington. 

Both Carrillo and Lovington live just doors away from the homes burned in the last month around their neighborhood.

"I have a baby. I have two kids and it was scary," said Lovington.

Thursday Captain Marlin Hamilton searched for the source of Wednesday night's fire.

"We had an arson fire involving two vacant residential structures and a garage structure with a car inside of it," said Hamilton.

Eyewitnesses spoke to NewsChannel 11 on the scene of Wednesday night's fires who say they watched the fires spread.

"I guess somebody must have been in the shed - started the fire from there - because it came from center of shed and started coming out and then we heard popping sounds," said Jesse Louis. 

Lubbock firefighters fought the blaze that began in an abandoned shed but quickly fanned to these two surrounding homes. No one was injured in the fire and Captain Hamilton says the structures are vacant. Hamilton is now trying to determine if this blaze could be related to four other arson fires that occurred in the same neighborhood last month.

"It could be something similarly related remotely related or directly related we just don't know that yet," said Hamilton.

And it's the not knowing that has residents concerned with watchful eyes.

"All I can do is just keep an eye out. If I see anything suspicious or if I think anything is suspicious I could just call the cops," said Lovington. 

So far investigators have not named any suspects. If you have any information about any of the recent fires you are urged to call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

The fires occurred just a block away from Lubbock High School. That area is considered the Heart of Lubbock Neighborhood Association and they are still offering a reward for an arrest and conviction in last month's arson cases. For Your Cell Phone
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