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HealthWise at 5 From 2.8

It may sound absurd, but a kitchen with papers everywhere and junk stacked high on the countertops can actually increase your chances of putting on the pounds. A disorganized kitchen can cause undue stress- and that makes you hungry.       

Donna Butler, a nutritional health counselor, says, "Stress induces the hormone cortisol. It's like a domino effect. Cortisol elevates your blood sugar levels; therefore insulin is produced to help regulate your blood sugar."  Ms. Butler adds, "Now at that time that's when you're ready to open up your refrigerator and look for anything that can give you instant gratification."                              

Studies show that organizing your kitchen, cleaning out your closets, or tidying your office can improve your health because it lowers the stress factor.    And that's not all. Research also indicates that people who are controlled, methodical and disciplined do better with their diets.                                                               

Ms. Butler says that having healthy food choices in your fridge and in your pantry certainly helps when those clutter cravings strike. Donna says, "Unclutter anything that is gonna go into your mouth or that's going to affect your level of awareness here on the surface." 

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